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The bed opens your chakras and balances your energy fields.  Each crystal has its own unique vibration, which is beneficial to the human body.

A single crystal beam of light is positioned at each chakra point and delivers a smooth energy flow by filling your body up with energy, resulting in a calming feeling that will stay with you throughout the day. The energy of the crystal light provides beneficial results such as cleansing, energizing, and balancing your energy field and chakras in your body. This works by removing the negative / stagnant energy in your body and providing positive stability that brings you back to balance.

The way to explain the feeling was to incorporate the relaxed clarity of a deep meditation session with a physical sensation after an amazing massage. You feel as if you are floating through life or on clouds. It was very euphoric. So, if I can feel like this all the time or when need be, then count me in.

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The use of these crystals is to promote healing, happiness, and overall, general well-being.  Each amethyst light aligns with each of your chakras, starting at the crown of the head down to your root chakra.
Amethyst is a strongly protective stone with a wide range of benefits. It can activate spiritual consciousness due to its incredible healing and cleansing power. It is a natural sedative which can relieve stress and tension, diminish irritability, balance your mood swings, and diffuses anger and anxiety.     
Amethyst has a high inherent frequency that will help you to clear your aura from negative entity or energy. It will also create a shield of light that protects the body from any attachments. It can help develop your psychic gifts as well as establish a greater understanding of your abilities.
Amethyst is also known to give comfort to those who have lost loved ones. The amethyst stone has the capability of amplifying the imagination and improving your thinking processes. It can also help you with creating new ideas, bringing your projects / ideas to life, assist with being successful and assisting with laser focus.
Amethyst can help you with identifying what the source behind your negative behaviors, habits, and emotional thoughts are, which can create / cause imbalance and dis-ease within your body. It may help you to understand the reality of reason in your behavior and can assist in helping you with better decision-making abilities.

Crystal Light Therapy: About

Per the FDA, we can’t claim that the Crystal Light Healing bed will cure any disease. But healing can occur on so many levels – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. You may feel a sense of enlightenment, greater alignment with spirit, and even, perhaps, the feeling of having been worked on by Healing Spirits. As mentioned earlier, everyone’s experience is unique.

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